Connect With Like Minded People

This page allows you to enter your details, and search for and connect with other people either near you, or with similar interests - just like a Global White Pages!

By entering you interests, occupation and other details, others can find you, based on your location and interests and connect with you.

For example, we can actually get people who live close together to be able to connect and talk, and study Spiritual and Practical methods to remind ourselves that we are all part of the One creation, and that to co-operate and work together will work much better for us than time wasting competition.

After all, we are all part of the One, and living joyfully, evolving and making a beautiful world is the goal. Thoughts create things. By connecting with others with the desire to make a beautiful world, we can actually really create a beautiful world.

Eileen Workman, who has a website about Sacred Money, says: "I cannot win if you lose. Not really. Nor can you win if I lose. Why? Because we're all part of the same field of life, and whatever we do to IT we do to ourselves."

There are many groups that promote Oneness and reminding us that we are Limitless Divine Beings - and that we can change the world we live in.

Access Consciousness, Conversation with God, Humanity's Team, Eckart Tolle and Wayne Dyer are just a few groups and people who actively promote another way of looking at things. And Scientists such as Dr. Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden do too.

And so, please fill in the form when you press the link below. You may, if you wish, enter your address and this information will will show in search results. If you do not wish to enter your address, please at least consider entering your Suburb, State and Country, so that we can send emails to people near each other so that you can organise your own discussion groups.

And so, to add your details, Click here to go to the Connecting Form And to search for people, go here.


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