Bringers of the Light

The Bringers of the Light is a very small book brought out by Neale Donald Walsch in 1995, first edition. I believe there is a 2014 edition.

It is an extraordinarily powerful book for it's size. It describes the Be, Do, Have Philosophy, the Law of Opposites, and how do bring information into formation (Form). After Christian Pankhurst came to Perth and conducted a seminar about Conversation with God, a group of us used to get together in Perth every Sunday for months, and discuss such books and movies as CWG, Tolle, What the Bleep and so on.

I think it is so good that I recorded it for everyone. You can download the book, or listen to me reading it.

I hope that you get something good from the book - we really need a few more Bringers of the Light. It is about 80 minutes to listen to it, and you can pop it on to your Ipad or whatever.

Blessings, Clement Clarke, Bermagui, NSW, Australia, Nov 4, 2014

Also, there is a website with the key lessons from the book here:

To download The Bringers of the Light in 1 file to listen to later, download the Bringer file here: Bringers Audio in One File (about 30 Megabytes)

To listen online to various parts of the Audio Book, click on the part you would like to listen to below.