Audio Books

Listen to or Download CWG Books 1, 2 and 3, and Tomorrows God and other audio books

Update, April 2017. Conversations with God Books One (1), Two (2) and Three (3), and New Revelations have been uploaded. Tomorrow's God was the first book.

Neale Donald Walsch in "New Revelations" says that we should use the Internet, Copy CDs and use our modern Technologies to get the message about about Conversations with God. (See below).

He also said recently, that the best introduction into the material was to listen to Tomorrow's God.

I have compressed the Audio of that book, and copied it to the Internet. You can listen to it in it's entirety by clicking here: Tomorrow's God

You can also download the entire audio book to either an MP3 CD, or iPod.

Enjoy, and please pass on to as many others as you can.

Clem Clarke,

Perth, Australia, July 2008

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From New Revelations, around Page 305 :

"This is as it should be, for your present reality has been collectively created. It is now time for you to collectively re‑create it anew.

"Work, then, in a collective. Do not follow individual masters, but master collective consciousness individually. Then work collectively to awaken the collective called Humanity.

"The world is now ready and able to take such action, for group communication is now possible as It was never possible before. The whole world is now linked. The entire planet is now connected. You have tools that you (can use)

You mean the Internet?

"All of your modem technologies. All of them. The Internet Cell phones. Faxes. E‑mail. Easily made, home­ made videos. CDs that you can burn right on your home computer, and send anywhere.

"You name it You have moved into the era of instant and easy worldwide communication. It has been said that your rapidly advancing technologies are threatening to destroy humanity. They are also that which can save it.

"Use them to create the New Reality that you wish to experience. Use them to create the New Human that you wish to become. Use them to build the New Spirituality that you wish to express."